Manchester United Announces New Sponsor, Gets Fresh Funds of IDR 467 Billion Year

Image credit: Edinson Cavani in the new Manchester United training kit sponsored by Tezos © MUFC Official

PESANKU.CO.ID, MANCHESTER -- Manchester United have officially announced their newest sponsor. The Red Devils succeeded in cooperating with Tezos as a sponsor of their training uniform.

Previously, Manchester United collaborated with AON as a sponsor of their training uniforms. AON shifted to that position in 2014 when MU used Chevrolet as their main sponsor.

Starting last summer, Manchester United have a new sponsor on their uniform. Teamviewer officially replaces Chevrolet as their main sponsor.

A few moments ago, AON was officially kicked out of the MU training uniform. Because MU announced Tezos as a sponsor of their training uniform.

Large Contract Value

BBC Sports claims that Manchester United get quite a large amount of money from this partnership.

MU get paid around 24 million pounds per season for this collaboration. This figure is higher than the number of their cooperation with AON.

For information, AON pays around 20 million pounds per season to sponsor MU training uniforms. So there is an increase in income for the Red Devils.

Can't Get Name

Despite working with Tezos, AON Still remains part of the sponsorship of Manchester United. Their name is still the name of the MU training ground.

The name AON Training Complex is reportedly still standing. Because Tezos did not take over the AON position.

However, it is possible that the Blockchain company will take over the Carrington naming rights in the future.

Next Game

Manchester United will return to play in the EPL this weekend. They will host Southampton at Old Trafford.In this match the new MU training uniform will be introduced to the public.


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