Thomas Müllers Horse Sperm Business Is in the Spotlight

PESANKU.CO.ID -- Bayern Munich star Thomas Müller, and his wife Lisa, are in the spotlight for their horse sperm business. It happened after the horse was injured.Recently the couple revealed that one of their horses, named D'Avie, had an injury. The horse fell, injured his hooves, and had to rest for some time.

"Sadly, he slipped on a test attempt to prepare for mating season and fell crashing on his side. He has a hamstring injury and will need to rest fully for the next few months. He's a tough horse and it could have been more. worse again," wrote Müller as reported by SportBible.

According to reports, the horses the couple owned were used as studs. Thomas Müller and Lisa sell their horse sperm. The unit price is reportedly around 200 euros (Rp 3.2 million).

Now, the couple has reportedly come under fire from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), a US-based animal rights organization.

PETA considers that the injury suffered by Müller's horse could have been avoided. In addition, PETA also said that the horse had been forced to have "unnatural sexual intercourse" -- in connection with the business of selling Müller and wife's horse sperm.

 "It's really bad that a person who claims to be a horse lover is forcing the animal to have unnatural sexual intercourse to take advantage of it," said Jana Hoger, a spokeswoman for PETA."D'Avie's injuries under Lisa and Thomas Müller could have been avoided and shouldn't have happened."

It was also stated that there was actually no evidence that Lisa and Thomas Müller had made any mistakes in handling the horses, apart from PETA's statement.


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