What are the Duties of Insurance Brokers and Consultants

PESANKU.CO.ID -- In marketing insurance products, insurance companies usually have several channels. One of them is through the services of brokers and insurance consultants.

So who are these insurance brokers and consultants and what are their roles in business processes in the insurance industry?

The Director and Co-Founder of SedanaRe, Adrianto Dino, explained that an insurance broker is an insurance professional who acts as a representative and consultant of the customer/insured and then acts as an intermediary for the insurer.

According to him, one of the important roles of brokers is to help customers assess the types of risks they face. Brokers also help their clients to outline a risk management strategy, which fits their client's business and risk profile.

"There are various types of risks that must be considered, including natural disasters, car accidents, credit risk, cash flow problems, legal obligations, and others," he explained.

Not only as intermediaries in the insurance industry, continued Adrianto, any insurance broker has a huge task to ensure that every risk they handle and entrust, namely: first, it is properly placed and adequately secured to the market (responsibility to the insured/client) .

Second, be informed correctly and comprehensively to the market (responsibility to the insurer) both in risk placement and in handling claims.

"Any errors and omissions in work or professional misconduct will therefore put insurance brokers in jeopardy and could put the company they work for out of business," he said.

Furthermore, Adrianto reminded that basically insurance is just a promise of the insurer to take over the risk (or pay the loss if there is an insurable claim). "It is the professional service and quality of the broker that is really important in delivering the promise to the insured," he said.


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